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A plump buttocks can visually elevate the length of the legs and make the whole body more sexy. Therefore, many people choose to exercise the buttocks muscles to make the buttocks fuller. They will choose Smith multi-functional training equipment or some other strength training equipment in the gym to exercise the buttocks muscles, and they will also choose squats or hip bridge movements to assist in the exercise, but many fitness novice often cannot find the right one. Make some effort and cause some bad problems. In order to solve this problem, in order to allow more people to train their buttocks more scientifically, the designers of Hongxing Gym Equipment spent some time designing and developing a hip bridge machine, hoping to help those in need with scientific fitness equipment People build more perfect bodies.

Hongxing HX-626 hip bridge machine allows users to exercise the buttock muscles more scientifically, and get hips more easily. In addition, the thighs, waist and abdomen can also be exercised. Once listed, it has won unanimous praise from dealers. At the just-concluded 40th Sports Expo, the 626 hip bridge machine was also recognized by international customers, and the number of orders signed at the exhibition totaled 80 units.

The HX-626 hip bridge machine is still being optimized, and we will bring more perfect products face to face with customers in the future.

Post time: 06-21-2023

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