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In 2013, Xuzhou Hongxing Gym Equipment Co., Ltd. was established. In 2019, Hongxing took its brand BMY Fitness to enter the overseas market as a commercial fitness equipment manufacturer focusing on scientific and healthy strength training. Along with domestic and overseas trade in China The benign development of Hongxing's company is also growing. In 2023, the tenth anniversary of Hongxing's establishment is also a big step forward in the development of Hongxing. Hongxing has expanded a new factory, and the International Business Department has replaced a new office.

Hongxing has also made new breakthroughs in technology research and development. In the past ten years, as a research and development company, Hongxing has been developing products for partners and providing partners with research and development, customization and OEM services. In 2023, Hongxing decided to make a change. In addition to providing R&D and design services for partners, Hongxing's designers will also develop more products for their own company's brand. Hongxing's designers will be divided into two groups. There are two teams, one team focuses on serving partners, and the other team focuses on brand building of their own company.

At present, Hongxing's designers have developed and designed multi-functional comprehensive strength training equipment, hip bridge machines focusing on hip training and other gym equipment for the company's BMY Fitness brand.

In the future, Hongxing will bring its brand BMY Fitness to meet more customers, and cooperate with more customers with high-quality products and considerate services.

Post time: 06-21-2023

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